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Sustainable Organic Guest Toiletries

Save our 1 or 5 Litre containers and we'll refill them for you!

Not only can you help save the earth by buying in 1000ml or 5000ml containers, you save lots of money too. Plus you receive a £5 voucher every time you send them back to us to be refilled.

Here's how:

Click on your chosen products below. At the drop down: 'I will send my clean container to be refilled' select 'Yes'.

We email you with our address along with all the instructions.

You send or drop off your clean and dry New Dawn containers along with your company name so we can match them to your order.

We refill and send the containers back to you plus a voucher for £5 off your next order over £20.

You refill your guest's bottles and enjoy the thought that you've helped save the earth.